Arnie Katz massages Tilly
Arnie Katz with "Tilly"

Katz & Dogz is a South End-based holistic animal massage and teaching practice providing:

  • Massage and healing touch instructional sessions
  • Individual massage and healing touch sessions
  • Massage and healing touch presentations to groups that serve animals

Massage relaxes stiff, sore muscles and joints. Regular massages, given by a trained professional, as well as you yourself, can be a vital part of caring for your animal companions, and giving back some of the love that they show you every day.

As Katz & Dogz' owner and founder, I draw from 43 years combined experience with human (30 years) and small animal massage (13 years). My work has been featured in The Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, The Boston Herald, Fox 25 News, Chronicle, WBUR radio, and many others.

Special thanks to Kihei and Max for gracing my Katz & Dogz Intro Page!

The New York Times recently published a wonderful article about Dog Massage. Check it out: NY Times April 20, 2011


Arnie gave a canine massage seminar at Bark Place in Boston on Saturday, January 29, 2011. We had 9 dogs and 14 people in attendance. Below you can watch a 1 minute video clip from the seminar (courtesy of

Katz & Dogz is available to do a canine massage presentation or seminar for your group!

Arnie with "Meeko"
Arnie with "Meeko"

Some of the many benefits of animal massage include:

  • Encouraging relaxation, stress reduction, and relieves tension and pain
  • Increasing circulation, which in turn increases oxygenation and nutrition to cells and tissues throughout the body
  • Helping to ease arthritis pain, hip dysplasia, and joint tension
  • Speeding up recovery from injuries, leading to enhanced performance and activity
  • Increasing flexibility, range of motion and mobility of joints
  • Helping to ease pain and stress associated with advancing age and illness
  • Releasing lactic acid from sore muscles, decreasing swelling from inflammation, and raising endorphin levels
  • Releasing innate feelings of health, well-being and vitality for both people & pets through the healing connection that safe, caring human touch allows

  • ...and just plain feels good!

For more personal information on benefits received from animal massage, see the Testimonials page.

Give the gift of massage to a special animal friend you love for their birthday or other special occasion! It makes for a thoughtful, unique gift that your friends and family will remember and appreciate. For more information on gift certificates, click here.

MASSAGE TECHNIQUE TIP: Effleurage, a basic Swedish massage technique, is a wonderful way to relax and calm your dog and improve circulation at the same time. Gentle, slow strokes with the palm of your hand down along the back from the base of the neck to the tail helps to create this relaxation.

To set up a massage instructional session, or massage and healing touch appointment, please call 617-650-2533 or send us an email.

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Arnie Katz, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist
Canine Massage Practitioner

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* Massage is not a substitute for appropriate veterinary care.